8 Instagrammable Places in Siquijor

April 2016, when I first came to Siquijor, it was underrated as it’s feared for the tales of witchcraft and the unknown. We explored the island for just two days as it was our last stop after traversing Negros from Cebu and still, I fell in love . Curious about how things are, I went…

I’ll Tell You, My Parents Were Against Me Travelling

It’s heartbreaking, but I want to make my own choices. I want to learn more than what I did at school. I want growth more than having stability. I want to live a life without regrets.

How Do You Travel

Over the course of three years, I was able to travel around the Philippines and has gone to six countries while working on the same company for almost five years now. So how did I make it happen?

You Made Me Better 2016!

You were one for the books 2016! I could go on about everything that’s happened but one statement can suffice what you have been all about: I am okay now, thank you!

Don’t Fall In Love With A Passerby

He’s the one with a big dirty backpack and creased clothes. His hair is messy with the touch of curly locks after surfing for days. Yet he wouldn’t care to take a shower or grab a comb just because you say so.

Chasing Three Waterfalls in Cebu for 1,000 Pesos

The rain pours hard in the city yet @robertjaysons have set his mind with this wanderlust on a shoestring. By 2AM, we left the city riding the Ceres Bus bound to Bato via Barili as we’re bound to Alegria to see for ourselves three waterfalls that caught our attention online. The fare costs us P139 each person….