There was a time when all my regrets went straight to my face. Like I was being slapped a million time on all the opportunities I have never seized. It was horrible and my mind was full of ifs and maybes while I was slowly losing track of my composure. I was indeed deteriorating to a state of loss.

If only I’ve saved up, maybe now I was able to quit the dragging life and travel freely.

Last Sunday, I had a good late night talk with my aunt. She’s one experienced lady when it comes to life, giving her the right title to being a good adviser.

As she quoted, “You need to know what you need to prioritize through sorting it out of its importance and urgency.”

I’ve grown accustomed with my travels that it became an escape route. I’m not missing the comfort of my house already that when I’m back to my daily living after my trips, I can sense the dullness of my own temple which I am accountable of— the number of chances I missed to make changes and improvements for our house.

Travel is completely one that matters to my well-being however my parents aren’t getting any younger. I need to pay them back by giving them the convenient life once they’re at their 60s.

Undoubtedly, to slowly mark down the map with all the places you’ve been to is one of the most-fulfilling thing but nevertheless, no one can deny that one day you’ll end up looking for stability and consistency once you’re done with your travels. So I’ll start making things right by saving up not to spend lavishly but wisely.

Besides, every choice you make leads to another door.


4 thoughts on “The Quarter-Life Crisis of a Young Traveler

  1. Your post remind me of this quote “Love your Parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.” I need to spend more quality time with my parents too. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.

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    1. 💖 Always my pleasure! I always wish every time I travel that they get to see with their own eyes the view I enjoy. Someday.. someday I’ll take them with me. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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