August 05, 2016— I’ll never forget the day I was given my second life.

I got stuck in traffic and my friend is waiting for me. To avoid wasting time, I rode a motorbike (habal-habal). Everything was good, until in one millisecond we were hit by a public jeepney in a crossing section.

It was a picture slideshow and I’m not sure of the details but when I look down, my right leg is bleeding badly as my skin was completely lacerated showing my bone. I didn’t cry, I burst out in anger instead.

No panic, I was more than calm as ever. I looked around and saw a curious crowd gathering around the incident so I covered up my messy leg to avoid infections. The medics arrived and asked me a couple of questions then they brought me to the hospital. I insisted not to let my parents know until the suture is done and I’m in the room, which is what happened.

My battle scar, something I’m not ashamed of

Five needle shots on different body spots, nerve damages and eighteen stitches. I was in pained, something I have been invulnerable for almost a year.

Right before the accident, the weeks passed by with me feeling drastically dying of my daily routine— a zombie living the days to fill in before we die. Nothing excites me, my sparks are being swallowed by the city.

I was about to give up on my dream cause I couldn’t keep up. Everyone was getting what they want and I’m here stuck with my reality. I wanted this, I wanted that but I can never beat time. My thoughts are ahead of me, I overthink. But I was reminded about patience.

Not all the time we will be on our ups. We just have to embrace what we have right now and make sacrifices. Nothing needs to be rush. Cause in the right time, no matter what, you’ll arrive in your destination as long as you don’t give up.

Deep down covers yesterday’s pain







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