The rain pours hard in the city yet @robertjaysons have set his mind with this wanderlust on a shoestring.

By 2AM, we left the city riding the Ceres Bus bound to Bato via Barili as we’re bound to Alegria to see for ourselves three waterfalls that caught our attention online. The fare costs us P139 each person.

Upon arriving in the town’s park, we were able to haggle with a local motorcycle driver to take us to all three spots for P500 per person. Way affordable than the expected costs of P700 for two spots.

We’ve cooked our porkchop at home, brought some snacks and just bought hanging rice in the market to avoid the hassle. Saving up more on the food part by just spending P150 on it. Now we’re ready to go on our destination.


This beauty has not been advertised locally by the Department of Tourism and is still not famous enough to attract a lot of tourist. An enchanting waterfall all to ourselves!

Just expect a 15-20 mins trek but the path is no sweat. The locals who live right nearby offered us their spring water to quench our thirst.

Back to the motor ride, up we go to Cambais Falls where we’ve set our expectation of walking twice the minutes we did in Montpeller Falls. The walk was tough on me as I treked without preparations, wearing slipper sandals. Lesson learned.


Once you go walk through behind the big tree, you’ll be enticed to this beauty. But expect to pay P30 for the entrance fee.

We ate our brunch, swim for awhile on the cold water, saw a raft to play with and took a lot of photos– only to upload a few.


Tired as we are, we need to catch our breath since Cancalanog’s trek is tripled the exhaustion we’ve experienced cause the path to it is pretty slope. But it’s worth the scenery you’ll see when you arrive there.

Pretty dope yet scary for me! The water is crystal clear enough to let you see how deep it is. Cliff jumpers will surely love this place!

And a plus, the big natural pool of the stream is heart-shaped. Just don’t get too mesmerized and forget to pay P30 for the entrance.

We didn’t spend much long in Cancalanog as there’s nothing much to do. We trek back to the starting point and fueled ourselves with a fresh coconut worth P15 each.

By 12NN, that’s how half of our day went. The fare back to the city costs us P130 each.


14 thoughts on “Chasing Three Waterfalls in Cebu for 1,000 Pesos

  1. These three waterfalls look absolutely incredible! I went to the waterfall near Oslob, but I didn’t get to see these! My husband and I are headed that way next year and these looks like must-sees! Great budget breakdown too!

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  2. Have been chasing waterfalls for quite sometime but have neer been interested in these waterfalls because of the feedback given that they are expensive. But reading your entry, this made me really got intrigued on following your iti. Hope to spend only as much as you did. Great photos you got there! 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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