Almost two years ago,  I made a silent plea to never settle for less than what I deserve.

We broke up officially without any proper closures yet I am nor sad or regretful of what happened. I gained freedom, which was what I seek.

I went crazy for adventures, use Tinder to meet up or date (not have sex for God’s sake), catch up with old friends and everything on the list of The Art of Moving On and Finding Love .

And the best of it was finding myself. I felt an overwhelming happiness knowing that I can be contented on my own. Looking back, I was too needy for validations and for people to reciprocate how I valued them. Yet now, I am more outspoken, independent and whole may it be without a lover.

But the problem about being single for too long is you get to be less reliant on relationships.

You will get used on making your own decisions. You won’t like dramas or arguments. You will be too picky even if you know there are no perfect relationships. And instead of working it out, you’ll likely give up easily rather than taking risks. Even changing your lifestyle or making time to date would be a bother. The worst is reaching the point of questioning yourself if you’ll ever get used to being committed again or even marrying.

So, when would you likely be in a relationship again?

No one can tell. 

The thing is you live by the moment.
If you get intertwined with someone, go for it. Not all the time will you find comfort in deep conversations with one person.

It is impossible to find someone who won’t hurt you, so just have the person who’s worth the pain and risk. Besides, it’s not marriage that we’re talking about so don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Relationships are always a trial and error and you can never tell what the future holds.



5 thoughts on “When Can I Say I’m Ready for the Next Relationship?

  1. I am so glad I found this blog, I am feeling what your feeling at this time of your life. I am at lost for words here in the sense of being lonely. And I hope to find my true love out there at some point of my life again. I am in no hurry, but your words were truly amazing in the sense of what I am truly feeling tonight in my office here sitting by the fire. Anyways, thank you for saving my life. You never know what would show up when a miracle like this happens. So, with this thank you!

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    1. No words can express how grateful I am too for your comment on this blog! I have been so lazy on updating this cause I got not much to say. But I am happy that I get to inspire someone out of my writings.

      Just focus on yourself for now. I am two years single already and have been enjoying my life ever since I have decided to break up with my ex.

      Sometimes I get the lonely bug when my hormones kill me but life has been great since I truly embraced my status.

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      1. Well I’m learning after my loses here, that being lonely is really okay. I’m in no hurry for what’s next. I feel what ever God is going to do, then may it be his will. For now letting myself just be in this is a great teaching tool. I tell myself that coming on this blog, that I’m not alone like I thought I was. There are real people here with real issues. And if I keep an open mind I can learn a lot by what others can share and that’s a real important thing. I am like you at times when the hormones kick in but what’s more important in my focus on my job of helping others. With this all said I will stop by once in a while and see if you have new posts, kind of like stopping at a coffee shop to seeing an old friend. I believe there is a reason why people meet. It’s God’s way of making sure that we have connections, and with this all said stay focus on the path he laid out for you, and hope to see you at that coffee shop soon! Many blessings…

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        1. I really think we have the same perception in life. I’m glad too that you were able to find my blog. When I wrote this post, I was not expecting I’ll get a good response. I just wanted to share what I had experience before I forgot what I felt. I am just happy that it’s helping others and motivates them to think positively on the idea of being alone. Let’s talk sometime again. I’ll write soon.

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