A travel enthusiast who decided not to make traveling my escape plan.

Way back on April 2015, I was diagnosed with wanderlust. It was in Sagada when I decided to start my journey of supporting #PhilippinesFirst. That trip made me fearless of the unknown and ever since then, I have been seeking for adventure. It got me hooked into seeing more of my country.

By Nov 2015, I went to Siargao.  There’s something enticing about the island that made me want to stay and the thought of quitting my job came into my mind. But let’s face it, sometimes you need not to be selfish and take the risk when your decisions may affect the whole family.

September 2016, I figured out what I want in my life.

I flew back to Siargao and met tons of authentic people who are living a happy life out of their calling. The simpler yet richer life I wanted; away from the busy city streets, rich not in the monetary sense, and being able to connect to different people.

Then I came into a realization that the destination is just a bonus. When you travel, it’s the people whom you bumped into that makes your trip unforgettable. Though I’d still want to see the world, learn more about the people in it and immerse on their own culture but I have priorities and the world can wait for a year or two.


I write anything out of the blue.

This blog isn’t about a person who took the risk by quitting her/his job to travel the world. This blog isn’t intended for netizens who are looking for travel itineraries; though some of the posted articles provide information during my travel.

This is a personal journal about living life rather than existing while balancing responsibilities.


I am raised in Cebu City, Philippines and born with no silver spoon. Being the eldest kid, as young as 19 years old I am paying our house bills and grew up with how cruel the reality can be.

Travel plans are my forte and if you say comfort food, pizza will always be on top of my list.

At an early age, I became a volunteer in Dilaab Inc. who fights corruption and poverty by educating younger generation of how their small voice can make a change in our country.

Later on, I started my cubicle job and worked my ass off to get two promotions after a year. Yet I decided to give up the supervisor position as to live a simple chill life. I only got 80 more years to live, why bother on dying early with stress?


Inspired to do solo backpacking, most of the time I always end up being tagged along by crazy fun people I have known in my life or met on the road.